Friday, March 8, 2013

Moving and Podcasting. In The Same Week. This is CRAZY.

I've gone dark over here because we are in the process of moving back into our house. I will be sad to part with the horse and tent that have supported my nomadic lifestyle of the past eight months but am excited to stop living like I'm searching for a water source.

It will also be exciting for me, and hopefully for you, to share pictures of the finished project. Alas, for now we are unpacking and I do not want to share nor do you want to see pics of this mess.

Lucky for me, Cynthia at Oh So Pinteresting chose this week to broadcast our podcast about my meager pinning attempts which she thought were cool enough to PODCAST and publish my post for her blog. So go listen and read there.

Gawd, I am getting so famous.

Cynthia is a Pinterest expert and has amazing tips practically everyday on how to use Pinterest. Whether you're a light user or growing your business via Pinterest I highly recommend becoming a regular over on her space. I've heard from high-up sources that little Cynthia sent kids home crying from birthday parties when Pin The Tail On The Donkey was played. What other pinning credentials does a girl need?

I can't listen to the podcast because hearing my recorded voice makes me wish I'd never learned to Speak. Lest I spend the rest of my life confused for an amateur mime who can't get out of her invisible box, please go listen for me and tell me how it is. Seriously. I just can't do it.

Happy weekend. May you not unpack a single box.


  1. You're wicked famous! I'm not a fan of listening to myself either. I'm sure you did great. (Visiting from Sharefest)

  2. I'm still wavering on the Podcast fence. To podcast or not to podcast. "They" say it would be great for an author to do. Hmm.. don't know. I guess if I could find someone to interview me, that wouldn't be so bad. Followed you from SITS Sharefest. Have a blessed day!

  3. Hm...I haven't really gotten into Pinterest, but you might be changing my mind here. :)

    1. It's interesting. I'm not a heavy user, but I really like to use it as a bookmarking tool. It's easier than trying to remember everything and it was great to pin birthday ideas. Try it. It's kind of fun.