Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sneak Peak of the Remodel.

"Where have you been!?" I hear my five fans frantically screaming.

Ladies, I have not abandoned you! The energy usually devoted to my incredibly funny wit has been temporarily diverted to moving back into our house, unpacking, and settling in at long, long last. I have set up the kitchen, the playroom, and hired a poolboy. Yes, I have a poolboy.

Since you are the reason I'm publishing today, I want to give my loyal followers a quick sneak peak of the kitchen. Don't worry, there will be several more living room, guest bath, playroom, pool, and kitchen shots to follow, but for bearing with me with baited breath, I want to reward you with an insider look at my fabulous new house.

Please note, it is far cooler than I will ever be.

Also, I added a picture of the boy and the dog because it is cute beyond words. They are so in love with each other it's disgusting. The dog for the food, the boy for the fun of chasing something who doesn't mind the tugs, whacks, and oh-so-tight hugs.

Also, the furniture has not yet arrived so it's a bit bare.

Also, the coolness will seem cooler when I dazzle you in a few weeks time with the before and after shots.

Also, I'd like to say the baby accoutrements scattered throughout are a one-off, but let's be serious. They're not.


  1. It is looking fantastic!! :) Love it! And a boy and his dog?! Is there anything cuter? Adorable duo!

  2. Oooh - it's it fun to have a fantastic new kitchen? I love it!

    Stella is obsessed with our dog as well. It's pretty cute, eh? :)

  3. Love the modern and "crisp" look... excuse my high tech kitchen ignorance but is that 3 ovens? Little boys and Goldens... nothing better than that special bond!

    1. Oh wow. Your question just inspired a post that I don't know why I hadn't thought of sooner. We have a speed oven that is also a microwave, a steam oven, and a coffee maker that thinks I am a barista and have customers on the other side of the island. I don't know how to use any of them! I cannot wait to write about this. Thank you!!