Thursday, February 28, 2013

Parenting By Marketing Calendar.

I'm average to bad in the Domestic Affairs department.

I claim to not be good at staying-at-home, and while the evidence upholds this truth, what I really am is unorganized.

Were I back in the marketing real world applying these meager management skills, I'd be saying, "Oh, let's just put that new sandwich thing on-air next week and figure out the rest of the year tomorrow." I'd be fired before tomorrow arrived.

So I'm changing my ways.

As soon as we move back into our house I am planning my little boy's learning like it's a g-d marketing calendar. Here's an example of what March might look like:

Each week we'll focus on a Food, Animal, Color, and extra "Wildcard" topic.

(If you can read the St. Paddy's wildcard topic, I agree I've gone too far. We'll change "Leprechaun" to "Rainbow," a less scary and more easily grasped concept.) 

I am going to integrate this into household activities like I'm a fresh MBA gunning for a promotion. We'll eat the food of the week which should match the color of the week, read on-topic books, and do on-topic crafty things.

The best part of this whole initiative? I don't have to build my calendar in Excel! I can use chalkboard paint or some other non-office approved material.

The morale of this story is that there may be a household application for the skills I thought I left in the office. THIS is exciting.

Who else has project-managed parenting within an inch of its life?


  1. Our friends always joke that Andy & I have our life completely documented in advance on a spreadsheet.

    Now this - this is taking it to that level. We are proud. :)

  2. Not me!! But my girlfriends family for sure!! Should pass this onto her!

  3. I need to hire you to organize my completely awful mess of parenting!!! I love this idea!!!

  4. When my son was born, I was tracking his pees & poops in an old grad school notebook. Without reaizing it, I'd selected one that had "Operations Management" written on the cover. Quite appropriate!