Sunday, November 11, 2012

What It's Like Living Without a TV.

We are living without a TV.  It's been over two months.

This is not a bloggy experiment, I am not a crunchy, NPR-lover nor do I harbor dreams of fireside games of Pinochle played with highball in hand.  I do, however, hate inefficiency.  Our massive remodel is set to begin early next month and installing the TV, setting up cable and then undoing it before demolition begins was a task I did not want on my ever-expanding list of Household CEO Responsibilities.  Building a sound business case from logic, I convinced my husband there will be no TV until the house is done.

And it's not too bad.  This may have something to do with the number iPads, iPhones, and computers afloat in our house but I don't miss it.

I love that it's not an option when I'm a little bored.

I love that my son doesn't know ANY cartoon characters and his birthday theme is Construction, not Sesame Street or Yabba Yabba Gooba.  Ok, even if he loved Big Bird, his theme would be construction because it's the only way the holes in the walls and ceiling will be decor instead of eyesores.

I love that I cannot join a Honey Boo Boo conversation.

I loved missing the debates.

Now, it's not all sunshine and unicorns.  Along with missing frivolities like Premier Week and Selling LA, we also miss some pretty big things.

Did baseball end?  Did football start?  Was there an election?  Are there any impending natural disasters or recovery efforts occurring?  Who's Ben Ghazi?

I thought I hated TV.  I thought as part of our soon-to-be modern digs, we would set up a new modern TV-free lifestyle, but we all need a little TV in our lives.

I am tired of going to facebook for all my news.

I am tired of my husband and I saying goodnight to each other around 9:00 and diving into our computers.

I am tired of staring at small, plasma-free screens.

Don't get me wrong, I still get anxious thinking about all day movie marathons, but I've seen life without a TV and it's not utopia.  

Newly removed from the remodel budget:  Apple TV.

Newly added to the remodel budget:  Two Large Flat Screen TVs.  

The wall that currently houses the couch will house a TV.
But the wall will be wayyyyyy cooler than it is now.
And the couch will be gone. Anyone want it??


  1. Loads of people here don't have TVs but hubby and I decided we just couldn't do it. I have to admit, I love TV. I don't watch it all the time but love the option. I love having it here when I just need to feel like I am back at home instead of in a crazy 3rd world country which it can be at times. So with all that... good for you for making it 2 months! :) Enjoy the new flat screens when you get them!

  2. here in LA, not having a TV is definitely a "thing" amongst the 20's/early-30's crowd. I guess they think it makes us better than the rest of us?? I am with you, though. I like flipping on the local news, I like cozying up with my husband and watching our favorite shows (without having to wait for them to show up on Hulu etc), and I like knowing what other people are talking about when they mention pop culture references (although I have avoided poor Honey Boo Boo!).

    I do agree that there are many benefits to not being SO addicted to TV, though - especially for the little ones! My sis gave me a great tip that I plan to employ as best as possible once my kid gets to tv-watching age: she tries to ONLY let her girls watch DVDs and on-demand TV, rather than live TV with commercials. This way she avoids a lot of the "I WANT THAT!!!!" that comes from all the damn commercials!