Thursday, November 1, 2012

There's A Fridge in the Dining Room.

There's a fridge in my dining room.

Why?  Because the dining room is going to become a kick-ass kitchen.

When?  When the walls come down.

Why are the walls coming down?  Because my husband and I thought renovating a house would be fun.  It looks like a blast on HGTV, something I haven't watched in months because the wall the TV would go on is having a gorgeous modern wood panel built on top of it.

Do you still think renovating a house is fun?  Not so much.

Why?  Because we've been here two months (and by "we" I mean "me + baby all week long") and are not settled in because every floor on the first floor is coming up.  We move (again) on December 1st so demolition can begin.

Is there an upside? Yes.  There are three:

1. We will have our dreamhouse in a few short months.  I'll believe it when I see it.

2.  Construction as the baby's first birthday party theme will make the holes in the wall seem like part of the decor.  I just have to rig the other walls so that candy comes out when we substitute them  for the pinata.  I'm sure Pinterest has this covered.

3.  I am going to document this renovation, including the construction zone birthday bash, out here in blogland so you, dear reader, can be inspired or come to your senses.  I'm here for whatever you need.


  1. Ugh, renovations while living in a place you obviously know. We gutted and redid our kitchen when we bought the house - literally paid an extra month's rent at our old place so that we could do it BEFORE moving in, otherwise I would have lost my mind. Worth every penny. Good luck!

  2. Oh dear! :/ At least you found three positives to it though!! And hey, at least you have a fridge in your dining room... we are actually without a fridge right now as ours is getting fixed and it is awful!! Can't wait to see your renovations as they come along! I am sure it will look great.

  3. This, my dear, is going to be a character-building experience :) Good luck!

  4. UGH! Good luck. Renovations are very stressful. We were renovating our condo (and it's STILL going on even though we no longer live there) and now we need to redo the house we bought. It'll be a miracle if our marriage survives. ;)