Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Something New This Week.

Something new I tried this week made me sad.

I tried an eight-and-a-half shoe.

It's not vanity that brought a tear to my eye. One can cry no more for vanity when vanity is the one crying when she spots you in Target on a weekday afternoon.

I cried because I ordered the most darling spring shoes to help me feel my way through my springtime mom role. I believe in the method approach.

I cried tears of joy when they arrived in the mail and their cute factor far exceeded my expectations. Since I can't rip the pic from the web, imagine bright orange and white striped flats with a thin orange tie on the toe. Thinking about them brings back those initial tears of joy.

I cried tears of discomfort when I took them off my cramped feet.

I wept when the store employee told me they were out of Size 8.5 with no hope of receiving more.

I know new experiences help us grow, but I would have been much happier growing if it hadn't meant sacrificing the perfect orange flats.


  1. I hate shoe shopping. It's hard to find cute yet functional shoes in my size in the women's department. More often than not I end up buying from the men's and they aren't even remotely cute. I'm not really a shoe fan to start with but seriously, if I have to have something on my feet, could it at least not be clunky? (I have to wear something akin to hiking shoes all the time thanks to a screwed up ankle and doc orders.)

    I'm sorry they're out of your size. Maybe you can find them online?

  2. My feet went from a 9 to a 9.5 after pregnancy. *sigh* Shoes just aren't as cute when they get that big!

  3. I had to go from a 9.5 to a 10. You might as well just put me in some flippers. Unattractive!