Sunday, December 16, 2012

Enjoying The Little Things.

God, this is trite, but I am one lucky girl.

My biggest problems are managing a giant dog and a 12 month old, living through a renovation with said dog and 12 month old, deciding how to celebrate our first Christmas far from family, and grappling with the loss of my career-centered identity.  

These are luxuries, not problems.

I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read my last self-centered post title about a "harsh reality."  Puh-lease.  I have a messy little boy to take care of, but I have him and I still have my Happily Ever After.  My heart breaks for those who do not.    

I have spent this weekend hugging him and hoping fiercely that these hugs are imbued with a touch of force field magic so that I can protect him always, but I know the same hugs were doled out in spades for years by parents in Connecticut.

Not sure what to do, but fairly confident no one really needs an assault rifle, I am pouring love and thankfulness into the small things that may have elicited a sigh of displeasure on Thursday.

He is gleefully sticking his hand out to the dog who is now licking bananas from it?  
Just smile.

The dryer ate three odd socks?  
No biggie.  I'll get more!

He's crawling up my leg again while I'm making coffee?  
Clearly, he wants to help his uncaffeinated mom.  Pick him up!

Despite the media's extensive search, there will be no sense found or reasonable explanation uncovered.  All we can do is take the next day, week, year, or lifetime and cherish the end of naptime.  It's so nice to have a little voice yelling for mom from the crib.

He's into my tights, toothbrush,
daddy's belt, his toys, and is only clad in a diaper. Fantastic!


  1. My heartbreaks too for those poor families. I don't normally pay much attention to shootings overseas but this one struck a chord. As a teacher I can't begin to imagine...
    Thanks for the lovely post :)

  2. I'm thankful that our littles are too little to understand this. We don't have to explain this one to them. That's just one of the many thoughts that ran 'round my brain Friday and Saturday, making me dizzy. I'm also glad that The Boy is young enough to let me hold him and doesn't seem to mind if I cry except to give me hugs and pat me on the knee. I sorrow for the parents that will never get to hold their littles again.

  3. *sigh* It's all about perspective, eh?
    So sad...

  4. So true, this shooting has hit me harder than most, and it definitely makes me appreciate what I have more. Don't feel bad about your last post, though. It's all still normal!

  5. I am sitting at ABC's studios right now - I will be the guest blogger for a show on hurricane sandy, but today's show is about Sandy hook - it is heartbreaking... It really makes you realize how lucky you are...

  6. It is so hard to reconcile the everyday life "hardships" we all encounter with something truly heinous like the shooting. "Tragedy" doesn't even begin to describe it.

    It's a terrible reality check and it really does put things in perspective.