Monday, September 3, 2012

Not Again!

I'm doing it again.  Tomorrow at 9:15, the little boy and I hop on a flight that will eventually bring us to Upstate NY.

The journey will be long and arduous and if not for the interstate move we just completed, I would feel a strong desire to bring all my worldly possessions with me to the airport, don a black hat, and bring enough water for a three month voyage by sea.

"Stop doing this to yourself, Annie!" I hear you yelling through virtual space and time.  I will ladies, I will but this time the little man's baptism calls and soul-saving is an endeavor worthy of facing Delta's ridiculousness and air-travel with a nine month-old head on.  

There is a 30% chance the Pilgrims had a more difficult time aboard The Mayflower, but unlike the Pilgrims, I have been to this rodeo before and am masterfully prepared for any and all obstacles the friendly skies shoot my way.

This time, I will be traveling without toys.  In the past, I crammed 25 pounds of pure toy in my carry-on.  Lamaze the dog never made the little boy stop crying, but Air Mall worked every single time.  Is it germy and a little bit gross when he eats it?  You bet!  Will it give him scurvy?  Nope.

This time, I am bringing about a pound of puffs and yogurt melts.  Is it poor mom performance to give your child food everytime he cries?  Sure is.  Will you care when he is crawling up you in the 1x1 barrack Delta has leased you for the three hour tour?  Not at all.

This time the diaper bag is staying home.  My work backpack is much roomier, has a special compartment for my laptop, and has eight straps from which to hang a sippy cup or just gnaw on when all else fails.  Could either he or I be chewing them when we've run out of food but still have miles to go?  Yep.

This time I am bringing a parachute.  If the captain says the plane is being diverted, we're out.


  1. LOL! Screw the toys...snacks all the way. We just got back from Cape Cod and I am pretty sure I shoved 4+ bags of yogurt melts into my child's face each leg of the trip. And AND I let her suck on the seat in front of us (GAG x's 10!). Yeah, totally worth it....

    Also, water bottles are the best baby toys ever...

    Good luck!

    1. So are the plastic cups they use to serve airline for drinks!

      "And something for you, ma'am?" he asked reaching for the diet coke.

      "Just an empty cup, please."

      Minutes of entertainment!

  2. Hope the trip goes better than expected!

    I just posted a new link up Travel Tuesdays. Would love for you to include a link of your family's travels.


  3. Stella loved the Sky Mall magazine for sure, and it was one less thing for me to drag around. :) Good luck!!!

  4. Not again was exactly what I thought when I read this!! Goood thing you will be nice and holy when you get back!! Safe travels and don't kill anyone :)

  5. You ARE a sucker for punishment! :)