Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy Moms Don't Rock.

Ladies, we are kind of d-bags.

Actually, not all ladies, just moms.

And even more specifically moms sporting shirts that say, "[Gender of my child here] Moms ROCK!"

You do understand that you have no control over which gender you mother, right? Proclaiming that you rock because you are a boy mom implies that you put in more hours, worked harder, worked smarter, and were rewarded with a little boy while the lazy-ass ladies got girls.

If this were the case, you'd have every right to wear a shirt that says you rock because you have a boy(s). I am ALL ABOUT sharing your awesome achievements, but the gender of your child does not fall within this realm.

You had less than nothing to do with it. Technically, your husband is responsible for gender, but even he couldn't choose, regardless of what he may tells you about his virility.

You are responsible for tying the gender of your child to a self-value that doesn't exist and now walk around the playground inciting the Mommy Wars.

Congratulations on taking all of us to a new competitive low. I'm relatively confident you'd meet my comments with, "I think it's cute!" but you are doing us all a disservice.

 Being a mom is HARD and we all deserve a tour bus and groupies. So take off the shirt and stop using your kiddo's gender as a vehicle to make yourself feel like you're winning at Momdom.

Why not leave the shirt at home and focus on being a mom that rocks instead of a mom who wears a shirt making the mothers of the other gender feel less rockstarish. If not, I'm going to make you one from puffy paint (I don't rock at crafts) that says, "I'm Kind Of A D-Bag." It's much harder to explain, but so much closer to the truth!

Happy Friday!


  1. Honestly, I don't get bothered by moms who t-shirts like that. I think it's cute. I don't think they mean to send out the message that just because they have all boys or girls they put in more work than other moms who don't. I have one of each-a boy and a girl. So, maybe that's why I don't find this to be offensive.

    At the end of the day, I think this is how certain moms display their pride for their children kinda like putting their school's bumper sticker on your car.

  2. I've never seen shirts like that, but if I did, I would have written a very similar post.

    It annoys me the same when men act macho when they father a boy. You had NO say whether a little x or y guy got into your woman's egg. Chill.

  3. I always think it's a woman's way of making the public know that she's okay with the fact that she didn't have a boy or a girl. And that to me, comes from the pressure of everyone they know who says, "aren't you going to try ONE more time for a ____?" So, in my opinion, it's like telling the world- hey, I'm happy to have my sons or daughters. But what do I know? I have one of each.