Friday, May 10, 2013

Thanks For The Kennel Cough, Daycare.

I know all you moms who have been at this "working mom" thing for much longer than I are no longer phased by the crust permanently affixed to your little one's upper lip, but for a newbie, this shellac is a shock.

What the eff goes down in daycare? Do they lick the rug? Eat the diapers? Share regurgitated food?

No less than 24 hours after his first day, our little guy had a booger hose switched permanently on, where his nose once was. So now, my left shoulder is always crusty from his hugs and sneezes. It sounds bad, but it's kind of cute.

Today, I wore a black shirt, which you'd think was a bad idea given its uselessness at crusty hiding, but in a surprise twist it ended up being for the best.

On Wednesday night, our little guy threw up seven times. SEVEN. I went to bed around midnight and my husband, bless his heart (Correct use of that saying? I'm still not southern enough to know.), slept in the guest bed with him. Thursday was Freaky Friday for us; I went to work and my husband stayed home with our sickie, who was remarkably better after voiding every single crumb of food from his system the night before.

Throwing caution to the wind, today I ran some errands with him, thinking the little bug was gone. As we walked into Trader Joe's, the little guy started saying, "Poop, poop, poop." Three minutes later, while still in my arms, he let it out. Really out. Like out of his diaper. It was on his clothes and mine. The upside? I was wearing black and, dare I say it, potty training might be a snap!

Since TJ's offers only frozen potstickers and $2 wine in a situation like this, I ran next door to Carter's for the changing table. I hadn't seen poop like this in months, maybe over a year, and I certainly couldn't put his little shorts back on him. So I bought him a new pair and headed back into Trader Joe's for potstickers and a giant tub of cookies.

Thanks daycare. Your welcoming spirit has truly overwhelmed me.


My ebook is almost done! I've been focusing there instead here as I'm sure you've noticed my absence. My cover illustrator is designing my cover and then it's good to go. Eeeeeek!! Mark your calendars, you are just a few short weeks away from being able to buy:

The Cape Doesn't Work. How To Fly With Your Baby, Supermom.
By Ann Xxxxxx (that's me!)

It's so exciting to (self) publish!


  1. your poor little guy....

    I didn't know about your book.. CONGRATS!

    1. It is just no fun when they're sick. Thanks for the congrats...I'll accept it when i hit "Publish"!

  2. Oof, Stella still hasn't puked, and I am NOT looking forward to the day she does.

    So exciting about your book!

    1. How have you made it this long without puke? That's just not right. I am so insanely jealous.

  3. YIKES! Our daycare kid is always draining from the nose, but we really haven't had much worse than that..due to daycare. Now if we could only get her to stop puking from riding in a car, getting excited, burping....