Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting In Way Over My Head with Facebook.

Welcome to 2007!  I made a blog facebook page!

I want to vomit because this hobby of mine is a secret to almost everyone in my real life.  My mom doesn't even know, which makes it weird when I'm home typing away and she asks who I've been emailing for the past two hours.

I'm pretty sure Zuckaberg won't betray me as long as I don't like my own page, which being a tad bit narcissistic and self-important, I find challenging.

I would like a "like" from you, though, fake internet friends, but I have some simple rules.

1.  DO NOT like this if you are friends with anyone in my family.  This includes in-laws.  You know who you are.

2.  DO NOT like this if you are friends with anyone I used to work with.  You, too, know who you are.

Someday, everyone can like me.  Huh.  I've been saying that for 33+ years.  This will be when you start seeing me in your friends feeds because I'm blowing up like some ecards.  Then, there will be no liking rules but for now, if I see one of my posts in my news feed, I will vomit.

Moving beyond the vomit.  To like me, go here. Easy-peasy.

I have no friends.  It's really sad.  Go like me.  As long as you're not a real friend.  


  1. mwa-ha-ha-ha! I found you, and liked you. You might also tell people they should add you to their news feed (after liking you, same button) so that we can actually SEE you!

    Welcome to that aspect of social media. Don't get lost!

    1. Thank you!! Sounds like you know how this works. Am I safe from uncovering myself to my fb friends as long as I don't "like" my own page.

  2. Replies
    1. You are The Best! (capital T and B!)