Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Home.

Yahoooooooo!! The day I arbitrarily chose as my new blog launch day has arrived!

Cel-e-brate good times, C'MON!

Don't have the energy? Me either. Since accepting the Household CEO role, I've purged, cleaned and staged the house to go on the market on Friday.

I'd hoped for a witty, insightful and thoughtful launch post but hope is not a strategy.

I am, however, going to have a launch party right now. As soon as I shower, I am going to go downstairs, grab a Skinny Cow ice cream (dinner) turn on my DVRed Teen Mom episodes (Tyler & Catelynn visit Carly and Amber's in rehab. Ah-maze-ing.), and tap into the box 'o wine.

Oh God. When did I transform into a midwestern housewife? Thank God we're moving to Texas.


  1. Love It! Just as I was reading about your launch party my husband called to me from the kitchen to see if I wanted a glass of wine. It's his night to cook so I'm having wine, frozen pizza and a little "so you think you can dance" for your launch party! Happy new space

  2. Thank God. Though...WTF...Texas?? We make fun of "those people." Good luck. ;)

  3. i watched it too!! only mine was a beer after visting the milkman instead of ice cream :) Amber lives in Anderson IN which is like 45 minutes from where I live in Indy. She is always in the news. Yeah to new blog launching!!

  4. Good luck with the house! Your night sounds like mine if you substitute teen mom for RHW and wine for water....

  5. no wonder you're losing weight if all you're eating for dinner is a skinny cow ice cream. You should at least be going for the full fat stuff :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog...loving your blog design. Good luck on the house...I know it can be stressful! :)